Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre

Animals & Nature

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Ask your Friends about this Attraction


In the middle of the stunning Cheshire countryside, you’ll find Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre with 50 acres of land to explore. Meet the world’s largest breed of horse, the Shire horse, as well as beautiful stallions, mares, adorable foals and a Shetland pony. It’s not just horses that you’ll see; Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre also houses pigs, deer, foxes, squirrels, polecats, otters and birdlife. Set off on walk along the nature trail where you’ll see swans, ducks and Canadian geese taking a dip in the centre’s 3 lakes and pools. Then head over to the 2 wildlife areas, Kingswater and Blind Mares Bog where you can spot toads, grass snakes and a water vole’s nest amongst the spring-fed wetland area. For a spot of educational fun, step into the Exhibition Centre where you’ll learn all about the Shire horses, mares and foals that you’ve just met!